Little Chicken at the mHealth Summit 2015

20 oktober 2015

Games For Health At mHealth Summit To Focus On Latest Games And Gaming Technology To Help Patients, Caregivers And Health   Little Chicken will be exhibiting at the Games for Health Pavilion on the upcoming mHealth Summit 2015. Find us november 8-11 at booth nr: 1035-6   Games for Health Day at mHealth Summit on November 8 will feature a hands-on workshop on creating successful game-based projects that can teach, heal and transform individuals, as well as a series of talks, moderated group discussions and roundtables focusing on the use of cutting-edge video […]

Vrooooom… Try your pilot skills and fly your paper plane through a cardboard world in KLM Royal Dutch Airline’s new game: Jets – Papercraft Air-O-Batics. Explore the old city center of Amsterdam and discover its famous canals with your paper plane. Enjoy the view from the Statue of Liberty and find your way through New York City’s crowded Times Square. Practice your aerobatics in this fun game for kids of all ages.

KLM Jets Papercraft Air-O-Batics now released: Play New York City!

23 september 2015

Play New York City! A complete new city with six exciting new missions to discover. As of today a big update for Jets is available for download at the Apple Store: http://klmf.ly/1Afmsuk or Google Play:http://klmf.ly/1JrXpq3 What’s new: New city with six new missions Over 25 new airplanes you can unlock! Can you find the 3 secret planes? Leaderbords to compare your best scores with friends and the world Climb the ranks: Total traveled distance will rank you up and grant you new items. Tutorial to learn how to start playing […]

10 Nov 2015 at 13:46

RT @ellisinwonderla: @ellisinwonderla My talk in Rio included @NewzooHQ @LittleChickenCo @GameOvenStudios @beyondsportsvr e.a. ; )

4 Nov 2015 at 14:39

RT @EstateInternet: Yannis van @LittleChickenCo geeft vandaag een kennissessie over Applied Gaming, leuk! #kennisdelen #appliedgaming https…

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Inspiration Lab



Unity game engine animation

29 september 2015

Written by: Joris van Laar – Animator   Most 3d animators tend to swear by their preferred tools of the trade. Be it 3ds Max, Maya or Blender, each package has its own group of dedicated followers. But when it comes to animating for games, an extra player is added to the mix: the game engine. Basic animation in an engine is not that different from a ‘traditional’ 3d package, but like any program, it has its own quirks. So I’ve tried to put together all the post-it notes that […]

Extended low res rendering


KLM Jets: Doubling viewing-distance without LOD-ing or performance-drop

29 september 2015

Endlessly generated levels  aren’t exactly a rare  science to build these days. However, having a vivid world, with tons of moving objects and complete custom chunk design that also has to run on low-end mobile devices, often proves more challenging than initially anticipated. In this post, one of our most experienced developers, Michiel Frankfort, explains how we tackled this for KLM Jets , Papercraft Air-O-Batics.   I think it’s pretty impressive: A brand new smartphone with Android 4.1 or higher, packing a dual-core chip with 512 of RAM… at only […]



Extracurricular : Michiel Frankfort

6 juli 2015

At Little Chicken we have a lot of talent. Usually, we only get to show this talent as part of our productions. But some ‘chickens’ release amazing tools, artwork and games in their spare time. We support and cherish these private projects of our employees, because this the same passion and talent that powers Little Chicken. In our Inspiration Lab we celebrate these endeavours and give these home-grown projects a spotlight. In this post, one of our most experienced developers, Michiel Frankfort, shares his adventuresin the Unity3d asset store.   […]

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Little Chicken Game Company develops and publishes applied and serious games. We are experts in the field of e-learning and gamification. For our most recent projects, we have worked together with major brands, such as KLM and ING. We use gameplay, gamification and our expertise in entertainment games to create playful experiences for e-health, branding, vocational training, predictive analysis, cyber security, compliance and onboarding. We are also proud member of the G4 consortium together with Ranj, IJsfontein and Grendel Games.