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Performance optimization in Minecart Madness

18 juni 2014

Minecart Madness? What’s that?! One of the newest projects of Little Chicken Game Company: Minecart Madness. Minecart Madness is an entertainment game for iOS, aiming at casual gamers who play games on their phones and tablets. The game is a 2D racing game with a view from the side. The entire game is developed using Unity3D, a free program that allows developers to create games on multiple platforms. We however, are using the licensed Unity3D Pro and iOS Pro features, in order to obtain the best gameplay results possible. This […]

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So you like them shadows?

18 oktober 2014

As you might know Unity3D now supports realtime shadows on mobile devices, woot!  For those interested here’s the official announcement of 4.2: But, like us, your first response is probably: “That’s never going to fly in my mobile game, it’ll suck down frame-rate like nobody’s business!”, and you would be partly right. But it’s not the whole story. If used correctly and carefully it is possible to add a whole new layer of visual depth to your game. First of we need to talk about what type of shadows unity3D […]



How a creative concept is born: Coach4life

2 juli 2015

Our process is based around iteration, which means that we test and validate designs as often as possible and adjust and change the design when necessary.   This also means that sometimes a designs get scrapped or significantly altered along the way.  This is part of our process, we are not building from architect’s plans, we are figuring out something new, something which usually hasn’t been done before.  But it is still fun to occasionally look back at a design process, and check out what happened along the way. Case in […]

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