Build your beat!

As human beings we all share a unique talent, the power to recognise good music and enjoy a good beat. Doesn’t that mean everyone should be able to make good music, since we enjoy and recognise it so well? This is the central idea behind Track Lab, a new and highly innovative music creation experience coming to PSVR.

Track Lab uses a unique approach to creating music by making it fun and easy for any player to create original music. It takes music creation in Virtual Reality beyond remixing or pretending to be a DJ. Track Lab is inspired by high-end professional tools and makes them accessible to everyone and even if you are a professional musician, Track Lab may change your perspective on composing and creating music.
Track Lab PSVR Music Screenshot

How it works

In Track Lab everything is about creating music with building blocks and expanding on simple beginnings. You start by picking up samples and putting those in the path of the rhythmically synced ‘pulse’. When the samples get hit by the pulse they sound off their beat. Combine the samples in the timed grid to form loops and sequences and before you know it you will be making great sounding beats.

The grid layout makes timing your beats the easiest thing in the world. Want a beat to play a little later? Simply pick it up and move it further along the grid. You create music by moving around the drums, bass, leads and more until you have something that your ear will immediately recognize as awesome. A piece of music that is uniquely yours, because you created it from the ground up! These simple mechanics are a powerful set of tools that expand as you learn to make more complex musical compositions and start rocking your beats.

Here’s a rundown off the play-modes and features that turn any player from someone who enjoys listening to music to someone who enjoys creating awesome beats and streams kickass performances.Track Lab PSVR Music Screenshot

Have fun in Evolver

Evolver mode is where we mix gaming and music creation using the core concepts of Track Lab. When learning how to use Track Lab, you can jump in and have fun with evolver mode. Evolver serves up puzzles that challenge you to complete a track by placing ‘optics’ into the path of the pulse. These optics aren’t about making sounds, but rather allow you to manipulate the pulse itself, by splitting, diverting or blocking it. With the optics you can go from a simple loop to a complex multi-layered composition.

Each time you solve a puzzle you also unlock the track you were working on and get to play around with the mixing station, which allows you to mix, crossfade and apply sizzling fx to Track Lab tracks and turns you into a professional DJ playing around with the Tracks you’ve just completed.  
Track Lab PSVR Music Screenshot

Create original music

Creation mode is the heart of Track Lab. This is where the training wheels come off and you go from player to musician. Play around with dozens of sample ‘kits’ ranging in style from Hip Hop, Dubstep and Hardstyle to Chiptune, all the way to Metal and Rock. In creation mode you will use the all the mechanics learned in Evolver Mode to create your own beats. Experiment in creation mode and you will be building beats in no time at all.  

In Creation mode you have the full range of ‘optics’ available to create music in the grid. You can use different speeds of spawners that emit faster or slower pulses. You can split and divert those pulses to form loops that get triggered at the right time. Or use the gate and toggle optics to bring simple logic elements to your track.

The Mixing stations introduced in Evolver mode allow you to mix and DJ your own beats. You also get to use all kinds of cool audio effects with the intuitive FX matrix provided.  All those great effects you hear the the pros use, they’re as easy to do as picking up a sphere and pushing it into the matrix. Your ears will tell you how to tune the FX matrix effects to your taste.
Track Lab PSVR Music Screenshot

Tuned to VR

Track Lab does what Virtual Reality does best, it offers you something that can’t be done in real life. It allows you to experience music and see your creation all around you while you are constructing it. You will know when you’re in the flow as your body starts to move to your own beat. Track Lab enhances this by focusing on interactions that are not constrained by reality and are unique to the possibilities that Virtual Reality offers.

Track Lab PSVR Music Screenshot

Build, share and inspire

With Track Lab you build beats and create music! No remixes, no generated content, but original musical creations from scratch. Creating music in Track Lab will unlock your musical super talents and make it possible for you to share your creations with the world through the streaming capabilities of the Playstation 4. Even as an experienced musician, you may enjoy the new perspective on creating music Track Lab provides.

Track Lab is about experimentation and improvisation that deconstructs the musical composition and lets you build your beat.