Aviation Empire Platinum released for IOS and Android.

30 January 2017

Aviation Empire Platinum In 2013, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines released Aviation Empire: an airline management game in which players experience the rich history of aviation by managing their own airline. With over 1.7 million installs, it has earned a worthy follow up, which we are proud to announce today: Aviation Empire Platinum. Little Chicken teamed up with KLM and publisher All4Games to re-engineer and re-design the game from the ground up. Introducing brand new graphics, new gameplay, and a brand-new interface geared towards modern devices. Players now have all the […]

Craft’s magic tricks

16 December 2016

In a recent Craft project, we worked together with OOI to create a simulation that teaches students the protocols of isolating tubes, aka keeping heat in or out. A lot of these operations involve cutting into the isolation material. To realize this in the virtual world, we’ve had to come up with some ideas that we’d like to share with you all. Angled Cut Here we see our standard cutting operation. Instead of going with procedural mesh generation, we simply modeled a building block that is cut at 45 degrees […]

26 Jan 2017 at 17:11

Aviation Empire Platinum is out in the appstores now!. A great Sequel full of new features #gamedev #MobileGame https://t.co/rGQgcrAOwG

11 Oct 2016 at 19:45

Ik vind een @YouTube-video van @xtremegamezcoc leuk: https://t.co/pw3gG0eWc4 WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU GET A LEGENDARY EGG IN POKEMON GO!

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Virtual Reality: 5 questions you should ask before jumping in

21 July 2016

“Virtual Reality… sounds cool and exciting! We need to get into VR!” At Little Chicken Game Company, we love clients who think this way. VR applications have a lot to offer – as educational or marketing tools, or just for fun. What intrigues us is that a technology thought to be limited to early adopters, is such a big game changer on so many levels. Virtual reality is changing how we think about concepting, creation, distribution, and the business models behind content. We are aware that this can make conceptualizing and […]


How to create accurate dinosaurs for virtual reality using science!

28 June 2016

by Olof Moleman As part of the team at  Little Chicken en &samhoud media, I was responsible for modelling twenty different dinosaurs and other animals for the Albert Heijn Dino’s augmented and virtual reality app. Most of these where dinosaurs, but the selection also included several other animals such as mammals and marine reptiles. The intention was to create accurate representations of these animals based on current scientific insights. But how to go about such a thing? The picture science paints of dinosaurs is changing: as new evidence is uncovered, new insights change […]


Code Quality Week part 8, the finale.

1 June 2016

This week we at Little Chicken are celebrating code quality. Resident Developer and Code Quality Guru Joris Van Leeuwen penned eight bytesized posts on this subject. Each day will see a new post on this subject. PART 8: Quality Code is Structured Code that has high quality means that it is structured; it’s easy to understand because its structure makes sense.  Let’s do a quick scan over the following example.   Not a code example this time! This chart represents a set of classes, we start off with the world class. A world […]

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