Rekt stunt game


18 April 2018

Ever wanted to kickflip a car? Get behind the wheel in this high octane stunt driving game and get Rekt!     With super realistic physics, Rekt is easy to learn and hard to master! The game has fifty unique automobiles that are unlocked by your trick scores. It’s a single player arcade experience, but you can test your skills when you compete with players around the world on the global leaderboards. Rekt is designed with adaptive visuals that adjust to your driving. The classic trick gameplay can be mixed […]

New game Track Lab create music

New Playstation VR Game – Track Lab!

18 April 2018

Construct the beat and unleash the music! Our new game for Playstation VR Track Lab is finally announced! After two years of near silence, we can now proudly show you what we’ve been working on for so long. The full release of Track Lab is expected this year, more information about this will follow soon! Enter the virtual space of Track Lab and create music in seconds. Musical training isn’t required, anyone can create beats from scratch simply by moving musical building blocks around in their virtual environment. Satisfied with […]

Little Chicken at Gamescom 2018

We are attending Gamescom

18 April 2018

Yes! Just like last year, you can find us at Gamescom! Gamescom is the leading European trade fair for digital gaming. During 21-25 August we will showcase our newest games and you can test the games before everybody else can. Please send us an email (info@littlechicken.nl) if you would like to set-up a meeting at Gamescom. See you in Cologne, Germany!

Little Chicken at GDC

We are attending GDC!

9 March 2018

During March 19-23 we will showcase our newest entertainment games Rekt & Blaze at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). The Game Developers Conference is the world’s largest professional game industry event.    Blaze If you enjoy real time strategy games, keep an eye out for our newest entertainment game Blaze revolutions! Blaze is a cross between city simulation and RTS. In Blaze you take on the evil corporation through a green revolution. We’ve completed the vertical slice and have a playable demo available for you at the Game Developers Conference. […]

Merry xmas

Merry Xmas and a happy new year!

22 December 2017

Wow, that was a fantastic Sweet 16 party – a perfect start to the holiday season! Thank you so much for joining us in the celebration. We wish you a very merry X-mas and a wonderful 2018! We are taking a week off, but will be back in business on January 2nd. See you soon! xoxo, the chickens

Little Chicken At First Look Festival 2017

Little Chicken at First Look 2017!

6 October 2017

We’ll be attending First Look 2017 in the jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht on the 7th and 8th of October. Come see us at our booth at the Indie Gallery (IG6) and play our newest game REKT and get a preview of one of our upcoming games! If you get the highscore in REKT, you just might win a REKT t-shirt! See you there!

REKT! now live worldwide on iOS Appstores

2 October 2017

  Little Chicken Game Company is proud to announce the release of its entertainment Car stunts game REKT!. About REKT: Ever wanted to kickflip a car? Get behind the wheel in this high octane stunt driving game and get REKT! REKT makes doing tricks incredibly smooth and easy, and with super realistic physics it’s easy to learn and hard to master. Get your landing right and power slide into the next trick for an incredible trick combo chain at a smooth 60 frames per second. REKT challenges you to prove […]

Safari Central Kickstarter Campaign started

18 July 2017

Organisation Internet of Elephants just started its Kickstarter for its project Safari Central. Little Chicken is development partner for this project. Learn more about the app and the goals of IOE in supporting conservation organisations in their aim of protecting and retaining wildlife around the world. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/safaricentral/safari-central-rewild-your-world/description

AH Dino's wint Spin Awards & Esprix Awards

AH Dino’s wins at Dutch Spin Awards and Esprix Awards

21 April 2017

The Albert Heijn Dino’s won a silver Spin award in the catagory mobile and a bronze Esprix award in the category Retail last night. The AH dino’s  VR and AR collecting app was created by Little Chicken and &Samhoud Media. The App received a Bright VR award and two Dutch Game awards previously already. Esprix Winnaars: https://www.esprix.nl/esprix/actueel/esprix-winnaars-2017 Spin Awards https://www.spinawards.nl/nl/winnaars-spinawards-2017

KLM Game - Aviation Empire Platinum

Aviation Empire Platinum released for IOS and Android.

30 January 2017

Aviation Empire Platinum In 2013, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines released Aviation Empire: an airline management game in which players experience the rich history of aviation by managing their own airline. With over 1.7 million installs, it has earned a worthy follow up, which we are proud to announce today: Aviation Empire Platinum. Little Chicken teamed up with KLM and publisher All4Games to re-engineer and re-design the game from the ground up. Introducing brand new graphics, new gameplay, and a brand-new interface geared towards modern devices. Players now have all the […]

Craft’s magic tricks

16 December 2016

In a recent Craft project, we worked together with OOI to create a simulation that teaches students the protocols of isolating tubes, aka keeping heat in or out. A lot of these operations involve cutting into the isolation material. To realize this in the virtual world, we’ve had to come up with some ideas that we’d like to share with you all. Angled Cut Here we see our standard cutting operation. Instead of going with procedural mesh generation, we simply modeled a building block that is cut at 45 degrees […]

Little Chicken nets four Dutch Game Award nominations

2 September 2016

The Albert Heijn Dino’s met Freek Fonk VR en AR app has been nominated in an incredible four catagories int he Dutch Games Award 2016 As Little Chicken Game Company we’re super proud of this app and the collaberation with  AH en &Samhoud media. Genomineerd for aDutch Game Award in: Best Serious Game Best Technical Achievement Best Co-Production Best Economic Achievement Winners will be announced the 26h of September at the Dutch Game Awards dinner, which is part of the Dutch Film Festival http://dutchgameawards.nl/2016/alle-nominaties-voor-2016/