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Hoe maak je een wetenschappelijk correcte dino voor Virtual Reality!

28 juni 2016

Door Olof Moleman   Binnen het team van Little Chicken en &samhoud media team ben ik verantwoordelijk geweest voor het modelleren van de 20 verschillende prehistorische dieren voor de AH dino VR app. De meeste hiervan waren dinosaurussen, maar er zat ook een aantal andere prehistorische dieren bij uit de dino tijd. De bedoeling was om de beesten te maken volgens de huidige wetenschappelijke kennis die we hebben van dino’s. Maar hoe maak je een wetenschappelijke dinosaurus? Het beeld dat de wetenschap heeft van dinosauriërs verandert steeds als er weer […]

Unity game engine animation

29 september 2015

Written by: Joris van Laar – Animator   Most 3d animators tend to swear by their preferred tools of the trade. Be it 3ds Max, Maya or Blender, each package has its own group of dedicated followers. But when it comes to animating for games, an extra player is added to the mix: the game engine. Basic animation in an engine is not that different from a ‘traditional’ 3d package, but like any program, it has its own quirks. So I’ve tried to put together all the post-it notes that […]

Extended low res rendering

KLM Jets: Doubling viewing-distance without LOD-ing or performance-drop

29 september 2015

Endlessly generated levels  aren’t exactly a rare  science to build these days. However, having a vivid world, with tons of moving objects and complete custom chunk design that also has to run on low-end mobile devices, often proves more challenging than initially anticipated. In this post, one of our most experienced developers, Michiel Frankfort, explains how we tackled this for KLM Jets , Papercraft Air-O-Batics.   I think it’s pretty impressive: A brand new smartphone with Android 4.1 or higher, packing a dual-core chip with 512 of RAM… at only […]

Extracurricular : Michiel Frankfort

6 juli 2015

At Little Chicken we have a lot of talent. Usually, we only get to show this talent as part of our productions. But some ‘chickens’ release amazing tools, artwork and games in their spare time. We support and cherish these private projects of our employees, because this the same passion and talent that powers Little Chicken. In our Inspiration Lab we celebrate these endeavours and give these home-grown projects a spotlight. In this post, one of our most experienced developers, Michiel Frankfort, shares his adventuresin the Unity3d asset store.   […]

How a creative concept is born: Coach4life

2 juli 2015

Our process is based around iteration, which means that we test and validate designs as often as possible and adjust and change the design when necessary.   This also means that sometimes a designs get scrapped or significantly altered along the way.  This is part of our process, we are not building from architect’s plans, we are figuring out something new, something which usually hasn’t been done before.  But it is still fun to occasionally look back at a design process, and check out what happened along the way. Case in […]


30 juni 2015

Sometimes projects never leave the launchpad.  BAD  PETROL was one such project.  A post-apocalyptic motorcycle gang MMO, it sadly never got past the demonstration phase in 2007.  Nevertheless its concept and early 3D work is still worthwhile to share.  Spend a minute to contemplate what could have been. Vehicles Initially an artist would sit down and draw shapes and outlines for the subject. In this case silhouettes of bikes. These can then be judged on how  distinct, recognizable and functional they would be at a glance. This would lead into […]

Delegation in game code structures

18 juni 2015

Introduction We’re currently working on a game in a production team of 3 artists and 3 programmers. During the development of the game’s prototype we heavily used delegation in the main code structure. This resulted in such an easy to read codebase that we’ve decided to use delegation in our main code structure for production as well. I decided to make this blog post to share some of our experiences using this technique! Knowing this technique can help you to make code-bases that are able to rapidly respond to game […]

Stepping up the game for brands in the mobile market

18 juni 2015

Games as a medium for advertising, social interaction, and branding have been around for over a decade now, yet they haven’t had much consistent impact so far.  I’d dare say they’re still considered a novelty or a nice cAampaign add-on by too many advertising professionals. However, the disruptive events in the online world over the last four years, have drastically altered the landscape. Suddenly (but not unexpectedly) gaming has exploded, and can no longer be seen as secondary field of interest by innovative advertisers and digital agencies. Consumers now spend […]

ArtBlast from the Past! #1

17 juni 2015

So 14 years is a long time, and a lot of concept art.  So here’s the first edition in a series of post showing artwork lost to the ages. Sometimes as part of released projects, sometimes saved from the cutting room floor and  at other times never seen by public eyes before. Blast #1 , production art from the past.      

Een kijkje in de keuken.

17 juni 2015

Ben je ook nieuwsgierig naar hoe een bedrijf er nu echt uitziet achter de website. Nou bij deze, een kijkje bij Little Chicken binnen.   Little Chicken Teams werken met een strakke Agile/Scrum benadering, en dus moet er volgens de methodiek dagelijks overlegd worden.De zogenaamde Daily.     Onze teams zitten op een enkel project, dat betekend dat gedurende productie ze samen in een ruimte aan dezelfde productie werken, zoals hier.       Of zoals hier in de bovenste productie ruimte.       Een geen enkele dag kan eigenlijk […]

Warme automatisering, een nieuwe term

17 juni 2015

Warme automatisering: De basis van onze nieuwe bedrijfs-visie is dat we het woord “warme automatisering” gebruiken om uit te leggen dat speelse systemen een belangrijke rol gaan spelen in de toenemende automatisering van onze samenleving. De noodzaak om niet langer alleen pure esthetiek of effectiviteit als ontwerp uitgangspunt te hanteren, maar juist ook om speelsheid en plezier een belangrijk criterium te maken. Dit omdat alleen esthetiek of effectiviteit niet het ontbreken van de menselijke factor zal kunnen verhullen.  En juist het ontbreken van die menselijke factor een van de grootste invloeden zal zijn van […]

Introducing the Dutch Applied Games Consortium: G4

11 juni 2015

The Netherlands is growing an ecosystem of playful and game-changing  innovation.  In the world of today’s organisations, change, innovation and rapid adaptation are the key components of  our business processes.  Organisations need to constantly change to stay in the game.Yet many businesses, governments and other institutions are having a hard time keeping up with rapid technical and social progress. It has been shown  that change and innovation don’t come natural to large organisations, especially in our digital societies that evolve at high speed. Some companies resort to brute force and economies […]