Drone.esc coming in 2019

Drone.esc is a beautiful narrative game about a small drone trying to escape a mysterious and unfriendly environment. For a short narrative game experience made by students; Drone.esc, Little Chicken Game Company joined forces with the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU).

In Drone.esc the player takes control of a small drone that wakes up in a mysterious room with a daddy drone watching over it. The drone doesn’t know where it is or why it is there. It is the player’s job to guide the drone through a series of conundrums in order to unravel the mystery of Drone.esc and bring the story to a conclusion.

Originally, the PC game Drone.esc was conceived during an internal game jam at Little Chicken. The goal was to create a short narrative experience in game form. As an extra challenge the game had to convey the story without any words, spoken or written. Little Chicken offered the unfinished game as a project to the HKU for students to work on. Little Chicken provided guidance and input during the development. In nearly four months the team worked hard to update the game with current spec graphics and wrapped up the open ends in the narrative.

The PC game is slated to be released: early 2019.


More info, contact:
Little Chicken: Yannis Bolman
HKU: Lotte Vergouwen 
Lauwe Meeuw: Celine de Wijs