The future of mobile gaming

The future of mobile gaming. Because of the recent release of the ROG Phone, Gamekings organises a triptych about the future of mobile games. The ROG Phone is the best gaming phone on the market. Not only because it is very powerful, it produces graphics that you would normally only expect on a console or PC. In the first part of the triptych, host JJ from Gamekings interviews our CEO Yannis Bolman and Ronnie Nelis of Team 6 Games.

Yannis is one of the founders of Little Chicken Game Company. Ronnie is founder of Team 6 Games. Together they talk about the strong growth of the mobile games market, the immense potential of this type of games, the obligatory free to play formula and the possibilities that the new gaming phones offer to reach the hardcore gamer. Because now it is clear that the publishers want to open the mobile market for them with recently announced games like Command & Conquer Rivals, Diablo Immortal and The Elders Scrolls Blades. Is this the beginning of something beautiful?