Play Traffic Jams @ Firstlook Festival 2019!

Traffic Jams will be showcased this weekend, October 5-6, at Firstlook Festival.

Always wondered what life would be like when all traffic depended on you? Little Chicken presents you Traffic Jams. In this game you can show off your VR skills and become the best Traffic Controller in the world!

In Traffic Jams you play as Danny Schrobbeler, who found his love in controlling traffic. He gets job offers all around the world and every location has its own challenges. Now it is your job to make sure all traffic survives, so you eventually will become the no. 1 Traffic Controller of the world.

You do not want to be the “Forever Number 2” right?

This year will be the 11th edition of the biggest game festival of the Benelux. Firstlook is all about the newest games, gadgets and gear. Everything the game community loves will be there, including esports, cosplay, anime and indie games. You enjoy the last one? We would love to meet you at the indie games stand and show our passion for creating games!

See you at Firstlook Festival!

General information: 
Location: indie gallery, no. 35
Game: Traffic Jams
Time: whole weekend