Little Chicken

The people designing and creating our games are the core of Little Chicken. Production and design is not just about having the perfect idea or the perfect visual. It’s also about support, process and strategy. We are a team of game developers in which each member has an important role in the process.

Chickens team photo


Whether it’s concept art, 3D art, animation, graphic design or visual FX, each specialisation at Little Chicken is built on a core experience of flexibility.

Our artists can adapt to new styles, audiences and technologies without losing sight of their own vision and creativity. That way they can implement the game strategy and create an original visual style.

Design and Strategy

Our designers are not only focused on creating fun games. They also implement the game strategy designed by you, together with our business developers.


Game development can be a daunting technical journey. We take pride in not depending on any specific core technology or platform.

With a library of experience, knowledge and skills, we adapt rapidly to any new technology or platforms. Our developers not only focus on the game, but also on the tools and architecture needed to make the power of play engaging and to make it work for you.


Having a tightly managed process requires specialist support and management. Our process is designed to integrate flexibility and involve you as a decision maker throughout the process, and before resources are committed, not after the fact.