The jungle is under attack!

Replant the rainforest, bring back the animals and chase away intruders in this fun strategy game.

In this exciting strategy game you will help a orangutan and a boy to replant the rainforest. ‚ÄčAs the rainforest expands, more and more animals return to the forest. Some with a unique power, such as Stripes, a tiger who can chase away illegal loggers. Or Splash, an elephant who can soak up water and kill wildfires.

Around the planted trees, an ecosystem of wildlife and vegetation comes to life that produces beautiful visuals and relaxing jungle sounds. Meanwhile, you’ll help the boy to restore his grandmother’s restaurant, and sell meals made from rainforest fruits.It’s just the beginning of a sustainable economy that makes the rainforest return even faster!

Real World Link

Birthplace supports real world reforestation projects with a portion of the revenue that is made in the game.

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