Moonlight Peaks

Experience life as a vampire in Moonlight Peaks! Master the art of potion-making and spell-casting, tend to your supernatural farm, and make your mark on the magical town. Befriend the local werewolves, witches and mermaids, and maybe even find eternal love along the way!

  • Embrace the Immortal Life of a Vampire: Step into the shoes of a vampire and discover the wonders and challenges of eternal life. Engage in the daily activities of a supernatural being, from mastering the art of potion-making and spell-casting to unlocking ancient vampire powers and tending to your very own supernatural farm.
  • Create Your Own Vampire’s Paradise: Customize and design your own sanctuary, a home that reflects your own taste and personality. Expand your farm plot and upgrade your home to create a vampire’s haven that is uniquely yours.
  • Explore the Magical Town of Moonlight Peaks: Immerse yourself in a vibrant and enchanting town filled with werewolves, witches, and mermaids. Befriend locals, learn their secrets, and unlock the mysteries of the seven families that reside in town.
  • Find Love in the Supernatural Dating Scene: Open your heart to the possibilities of eternal love as you navigate the supernatural dating scene. Go on dates with werewolves, witches, or mermaids, and discover the power of love in the immortal world.
  • Uncover Your Own Legacy: Break free from the shadow of your skeptical father, Count Dracula, as you strive to prove that a life of compassion and love is possible, even for the undead. Create your own legacy and make a lasting impact on the magical town and its inhabitants.

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Vampire in a Winter Wonderland!


Moonlight Peaks

  • Publisher XSEED GAMES / Marvelous
  • Release date Early 2026
  • Platforms PC/Mac