Mr. City

City Constructors is the world’s first multiplayer mobile city construction game, where players get to build a city from the perspective of the developer/contractor rather than the mayor.

At heart, City Constructors is a free to play game with in app purchases and ad monetization.

The gameplay is a combination of idle game mechanics with resource management elements.

What sets it apart?
Unlike other mobile City Building games, We are the First and only true and fully multiplayer City Builder!

  • Collaborative
    • Work together with other players to complete construction projects in time to win the full rewards.
  • Competitive
    • Out bid your opponents and be the project’s lead contractor to gain money and GLORY!
  • Specialization
    • Choose a path through the tech tree and specialize your laborers to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Mr City

  • Developer Little Chicken Game Company & Go Big Gaming
  • Platforms iOS, Android
  • Availability Soon!