Runespell Overture IOS

Poker and Fantasy Role Playing Game Merged!

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The Game

Runespell is a role-playing game. It combines poker mechanics with power ups and collectible cards. The world is set in an alternate medieval Europe and links historical characters with Norwegian mythology and sagas. The player takes on the role of the Changeling. Changeling is the son of a monster god and in search of his nemesis. Mystic Box is the original developer of the PC game Runespell, but Little Chicken developed an iOS version of the game.


Features & details

  • Innovative mythic poker system using poker mechanics to battle your opponents
  • Unlock power ups and special attacks available as collectable cards in the game
  • Combine your skills in short bursts of active play or long sessions of questing and battles
  • Defeat more than 30 monsters types each with a unique card set and attack style
  • Defeat enemies and make them your pets or allies
  • Unlock new battle locations through questing
  • Mix of beautiful hand painted backdrops and evocative 3D characters
  • A compelling and original story set in an alternate medieval Europe
  • Local and online leaderboard